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Born in 1918, raised in Mendez-Cavite, and a very hardworking mother of five, Nanay Cirila started her "Kapeng Barako" (Barako Coffee) in 1955. As an old-fashioned conservative who kept her business within her perimeter, and later made her popular not just on how she carefully process her coffee, Nanay Cirila is also famous on her "Atchara" (sweet-sour pickled papaya) recipe and became one of the prides in Mendez, Cavite.


Nanay Cirila had always dreamt to open her coffee shop/restaurant business, but as a very busy mother, her dream became a wish...


Because Nanay Cirila is a huge part of my life, I've decided to make her dream come true. Yes, I am her daughter-in-law who had a dream in starting my own coffee shop/restaurant business just like her. She inspired me to do what I loved most... And since I've always placed this sentence in my social media sites: "I'm not just a pretty face; I paint, bake & cook too!" - with a little touch of exaggeration, I chose to contribute my talent of "cook & bake" under our business name - NANAY CIRILAS' Kapeng Barako... This I share on her behalf, to visit and enjoy the taste of her coffee. And in my part, the recipes which were voted popular not just in our household, but amongst our friends.


This will be our place to always remember my late mother-in-law who is now with our Creator in heaven. I am so ever thankful that she saw "our" dream came true, and I know that she's proud, looking down, watching all of us from high above!


Come visit our home in Tagaytay City and taste the difference; a place where character meets attitude...



  " A Hip Place To Dine With Character"



 By: Medi de Leon-Sarmiento, Owner/Chef




Consuelo Concepcion Bilcliffe

"I truly enjoy the freshly cooked food and wide variety of dishes!

The Chef Medi is the cook and hostess with the mostest!"


Francesca Louise

"Private location, fantastic food, cooked and run by even more fantastic people."


"We brought our balikbayan guests to Nanay Cirilas for lunch and we truly enjoyed everything they served us. Pre-ordering was a breeze. We ordered Beef kare kare, crispy fried bangus, fresh vegetable lumpia, turon, halo-halo and fresh calamansi drink. Imagine having the whole place to ourselves(it was a weekday after all) Love the food and the ambiance. Thank you for the wonderful experience. Will definitely come back."

Untitled design (5).png
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